Serving North American power utility and renewable sectors


electrical solutions

For vital infrastructure

ORBIS is a client-centric manufacturer of electrical distribution hardware and anchoring solutions for North American power and utility and renewable sectors. With offices in Canada and the United States, we supply an extensive selection of products to a rapidly expanding client base that includes electrical utilities, wholesalers and contractors across the continent. 

Our clients maintain vital electrical infrastructure and services across Canada and the US. They ensure that people, communities and businesses have the power essential for daily life, safety and economic growth. That is why we will never compromise on compliance, equipment or customer service standards and are committed to ensuring that our products exceed the safety and quality standards of the North American utility sectors.

We work hard to exceed our client’s expectations in every aspect of our business, including:

  • reduced lead times
  • guaranteed on time-deliveries
  • custom innovation
  • adaptive, professional service

Exceeding safety standards

ORBIS ensures all products are built to exceed the relevant North American ASTM and ANSI class standards. Manufactured in ISO-certified facilities, ORBIS offers cUL and CSA-compliant products, ensuring the highest possible quality goods in the industry.


Innovating for our future

Founded in 1970, our market focus began with steel-based engineering. Our portfolio quickly grew to include a variety of aluminum, copper, plastic and rubber products, primarily focused on electrical distribution hardware, anchoring and substation hardware and insulators.

We divested our substation division in the early 2000s, directing our resources to our primary business focus, primarily centred in Australia, South America, China, Sweden and India. Expanding our global presence, we opened a North American office in California in 2015. Having established a robust and client-centric approach to providing reduced lead times and guaranteed on-time deliveries, ORBIS signed an agreement with a North American master distributor in 2019.

Today, through our trusted distributors we offer readily available stock of ORBIS products.